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We now carry contact lens solutions, which are NOT taxed if purchased at the same time you purchase your contact lenses.   

Contact lenses must be cleaned regularly and properly to rid the lens of debris from the tear film and to maintain clear vision. If contacts are not cleaned regularly and properly they become uncomfortable to wear and create conditions which encourage infections from bacteria or fungus which may lead to ulceration. Any of these complications can lead to blindness.  

Solutions for Soft Disposable, Quarterly & Yearly Replacement contact lens come in 2 modalities: 

1) Multipurpose solution – Used for rinsing, disinfecting, cleaning and storing your contact. Many containers say “no rub”, but all lenses should be rinsed, rubbed on both surfaces and rinsed again before storing over night. Contacts should be rinsed again with this solution before insertion. There are multipurpose solutions for both soft and RGP lenses. Please ensure you are using the correct solution.

 2) Hydrogen peroxide solution – Used to clean, disinfect and store contacts in the funny looking case. Contacts should be rubbed on both surfaces before placing them in the case. Contacts need to be soaked a minimum of 6 hours to neutralize the peroxide to oxygen and water. After neutralization the remaining fluid in the case can be used to safely insert the contacts.

Enzymatic cleaner – Can be used weekly to clean protein deposits off contacts for those wearers who deposit more protein.  

Saline solution – Is NOT a DISINFECTANT! It should never be used to store contact lenses over night. It is used for rinsing contacts after cleaning and preparing them for insertion. It is not necessary to use saline for this, your multipurpose solution works just fine.

Watch this video on care for your contact lenses.

Contact Lens Policy

Any contact lens complication that requires a visit to our office is part of our service to you and is included in the price of contact lenses purchased through our office. Consultations for medical contact lens emergencies are seen on the same day. If this is not possible go to the nearest emergency room in Hamilton or Brantford. Contact lenses purchased at another venue are not covered under this policy and are subject to the appropriate fee for the assessment and treatment of any complication. 

All contact lenses are prescribed medical devices. They are not to be worn or purchased without a valid prescription. Please do not extend wear time for more than the specified disposal period as recommended by your optometrist. Serious complications can lead to blindness if complications are not monitored and treated in an appropriate fashion. If you experience red eye or any pain, light sensitivity or excessive tearing while wearing contact lenses, immediately remove the contact lenses.  Cease contact lens wear and seek immediate medical attention. Many contact lens complications require prescription antibiotics. Dr. Zeiler is authorized to prescribe the appropriate medications to control ocular infections.  Do not continue to wear contact lenses until instructed to do so by your optometrist.